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Garvin County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
D-16 Whitebead School District 69.35
D16bav Whitebead bav 69.35
D16tif Whitebead tif 69.35
EC Elmore City City 83.87
FOSTR Foster City 83.87
I-10M Murray Co School District 90.22
I10MC McClain Co School District 83.79
I-18 Pauls Valley School District 83.24
I-2 Stratford School District 91.52
I-38 Wynnewood School District 83.30
I-42 Stephens Co School District 78.54
I-5 Paoli School District 78.88
I-56G Grady Co School District 87.50
I-7 Maysville School District 83.12
I-72 Elmore City School District 83.87
I-9 Lindsay School District 86.89
KAT38 Katie (Wynnewood SD) 83.30
KAT72 Katie (Elmore City SD) 83.87
LIN Lindsay City 86.89
MAY Maysville City 83.12
PAOLI Paoli City 78.88
PV Pauls Valley City 86.30
PAUtif PaulsValley tif 86.30
PVT1bav Pauls Valley T1 bav 86.30
STR Stratford City 91.52
WBPV Whitebead PV 72.41
WHIPVbav Whitebd PV bav 72.41
WHItif WhitebeadPV tif 72.41
WW Wynnewood City 83.30